June 2009

When Babies Attack…

I thought this was an interesting story on www.msnbc.com. It’s a story regarding how many injuries mothers sustain from their children. All accidental, of course, but it made me think about my own children. In particular the ER visit I endured during the first day of our Florida vacation.

There we were in the KFC in Navarre, Florida, and Max insisted that he had to go to the potty. After less than two seconds of peeing(he’s REALLY into inspecting each establishment’s bathroom ambiance everywhere we go), he walked out of the stall and proceeded to slam the door shut on my index and middle finger. There may not be anything more disconcerting than having to open a two inch steel door to retrieve your fingers…well, unless you’re THIS chick. Anyway, we rushed off to the Urgent Care-which we had earlier joked about in the car, “Oh, there’s the Urgent Care in case one of our KIDS gets hurt. Har-dee-har-har.” Ugh.

Three stitches, countless tears and a little Tylenol Codeine later, mommy was right with the world. My index finger will always bare the scar of my time in Florida, but at least Max got to see what the sh@%%er looked like.


Kate is a little girl after my own heart…not even 2 years old and she’s already accessorizing.

What you can’t see in the picture is her matching bracelet, Uggs and wide belt…Hee,hee! I can’t get over how different boys and girls are. Max makes sound effects as he runs his cars and Batmobile around. Katie wakes up and goes straight to her necklace, sunglasses and kitchen.

Now that I know she’s an accessorizing kinda girl, I just have to instill the infamous and oh-so-true words by Coco Chanel, “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.” Words to live by my friends.