A different way to look at the suction bulb

Okay, my 9 week old has had aweful congestion for the past two weeks. I was just letting it run it’s course but decided I needed to take her in since it hasn’t gotten any better. I absolutely LOVE my pediatrician! He’s always got these great techniques to get stuff done. He taught me “the move” which made giving my son medicine much, much easier(I’ll describe “the move” at a later blog…if you have a bad medicine taker then it will change your life!). Anyway, I took my daughter in and he asked me, “What are you doing for the congestion?” I said, “Well, I’m dropping saline and suctioning it out.” He proceeded to tell me, “No, no…you gotta blow the saline up into those sinus cavities that need to be cleaned out. Let me show you.” I’ll give you a step by step of what he did. 1)Depending on how old or how strong the baby is, you may want to swaddle the arms down. 2)Tilt the head back a bit and flood the nose with saline, and I mean FLOOD it. I’ve always put a few drops in each, but this is where you just dump their nose with saline. 3)Take the bulb and push air into one nostril, the opposite of suctioning it. What this does is blow that saline all up in the places that just using drops won’t get. 4)Leave the bulb in and keep slowly blowing and the mucus will either come out the other nostril or they’ll swallow it. It took me a few times to get it down, but once I did…it worked great! Especially now with all the new regulations on cough/cold medications for kids under 2, this new way of clearing out a baby’s congestion works great!

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