I’m a mother. What else can I say? How else is a woman defined after she has a child? I could say that I graduated from the University of Southern California. I could say that my degree is from the Annenberg School of Journalism in Public Relations. I could also say that I worked in PR for a few years until I moved to San Francisco, where I ended up in pharmaceutical sales. Yes, I could say all of those things. Unfortunately, all of the fancy degrees and cool jobs and careers mean nothing after you have a kid. Motherhood is the great equalizer, and once you’ve become one,no one cares who you were before children. I use to wear my background like a badge of honor; something that set me apart from the average joe. But now, I’m a mother whose just trying to survive like all the moms out there. It’s much harder than we ever expected, but way more rewarding than we ever expected at the same time. I think my favorite quote best embodies how I feel about motherhood, and why I chose to chronicle my ups and downs; mistakes and wins; craziness and peace in a blog. “In raising my children, I have lost my mind but found my soul”-Lisa Shephard.