Autism: Epidemic or Underdiagnosed

I just read an article on that addresses the hotbutton of Autism and the incidence rate that has been recently splashed around the media. A few months ago, the experts said that as many as 1 on 150 children suffer from Autism and that statement sent parents into a hysteria! Every little quirk, off behavior, display of anger was and is scrutinized as we look for that “Autism” red flag and mom’s everywhere agonize over little things like, “My kid DOES line up his toys” and “Sometimes my 2 year old DOESN’T respond to her name!” Then you’ve got all the parents who refuse vaccinations because they think the Thirmisol causes Autism. Here’s what I think….Get A GRIP People!!!!! There is no medical link between vaccinations(more specifically the MMR) and the rate of Autism, despite how hard we’ve tried to find a link. Instead, what is considered to be Autism, which now includes a “spectrum” of behaviors and different degrees, has changed over the years. Doctors and experts have started to 1)better diagnos the disease and 2)increase what they consider to be Austisic. Now, if you’ve got a disease that has widened the parameters and has much more information surrounding it…then yeah, of course it’s going to be caught and diagnosed more. That doesn’t mean the incidence rate has gone up, it means that we are recognizing it more and labeling it faster.

I think that in the next 10 or 15 years, what we’re going to find is that Autism is a genetic mutation and it’s as simple as that. Genetics and environment…that’s what we’ll find and all this vaccination talk will finally be laid to rest. Genetics. The key to many diseases like Cancer, MS and Heart Disease(to some extent).

It’s a great article…check it out:

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  1. kc

    You are soooo naive. Autism is so prevalent now. My daughter now 3 was diagnosed in Aug of this year. Yes, some of the things you are saying are based on fact. All I know is that I am seeing a ton of jacked up kids showing the ASD spectrum….. And, these symptoms call or label it what ever you want where not near as drastic or common place as it is now. If you child two weeks after receiving a vaccinne lost well mastered skills, such as songs, eye contact, pretend play, reciprocating communication, socialization, loss of vocab & speech. YOU would be sitting in a different world & autism would be 100% in your family. LOOK at the vaccine schedule & ask if it is good common sense to expose anybody to 30+ killer viruses & the toxic mixtures they are injected with. Heck, looking back on it I am a full grown adult with a mature immune system I myself would not inject 30 vaccines within a two year window.

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