BPA. If ain’t one thing, it’s another!

So, there’s something else to worry about…BPA in bottles. I remember this story came out back in 2004 or 2005 and it was a big deal in the media, but, as it always goes with media, something better and more terrifying came along so we never heard anymore about BPA until recently. I found a great website that has some really great information on the topic as well as a list of Non-BPA products for baby. I think this is just a good site to have in your bookmark folder. The site is safemama.com and here’s the list of non-BPA products available.

I copied this from safemama.com because I thought it was a good summary of the topic:
For those who don’t know, BPA is Bisphenol A is a hormone-mimicking chemical used in polycarbonate plastics and resins commonly used for items such as shatterproof baby bottles. Bisphenol has estrogenic properties which, in animal tests has shown to cause a bevy of health problems such as an increase in prostate and breast cancer, uro-genital abnormalities in male babies, a decline in semen quality in men, early onset of puberty in girls, metabolic disorders including insulin-resistant (Type 2) diabetes and obesity and neurobehavioral problems such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Research is showing that when plastic containers, mostly those used to hold liquids and foods, are leeching Bisphenol into the foods and liquids they are holding. Heating food and liquids with these plastics is shown to increase the leeching of this contaminate.
Many companies use this chemical in their packaging including cans, soda cans, and plastic food containers. There is a risk of absorbing this chemical through the use of containing foods and liquids but can also leech into our water systems through landfills.
Many leading experts argue that the use of Bisphenol is safe to the human public but research may begin to further prove otherwise.

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