Bruisers…gotta love ’em

Okay, I don’t know if any one else out there has a “bruiser” for a child…my son certainly is! In two short years this child has managed to chip his two front teeth, bust open his lip requiring stiches, and fell less than 2 ft. and broke his elbow. Yes, be BROKE his elbow! The ER doctor said that it was a very uncommon break for a 2 year old and, as a matter of fact, he’s never seen this type of break in a toddler before….ever. We are taking him to the Orthopedist tomorrow to find out if he’ll need a cast or, hopefully not, surgery. Watching my son constantly fall, trip, hit his head, run into walls makes me wonder how I possibly got through childhood without so much as an ankle sprain? Why do some kids just bounce right back up and some just happen to fall on that one spot, in that one place that breaks a bone? Ugh! It’s going to be very difficult to not wrap him in bubble wrap the next time he goes outside.

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