FDA says no Cough/Cold Meds for under 6 years old!

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I first heard this, I almost ran to the store and stockpiled my favorite cold medications for my son(personally, I like Triminic thin strips and the Little Noses brands)! I was a bit panicked to think that the FDA was going to pull these meds when it’s only a few, overzealous mom’s that drug their kids longer and more often than they should. Seriously, I was panicked….because the next time my son had a bad cough, the FDA was seriously handicapping my ability to make him feel better during such an aweful time for parent and child: the common cold. It can drag on for weeks making everyone’s life miserable.

But then, I actually stopped to think about the effectiveness of these meds on my son. Really think about it….do they really help or does putting our kids on these medications just make us THINK it’s helping. My son(who is 2) just got over his first cold of the season and he was taking the Triminic thin strips during the day and night. I stopped giving them to him after about 4 days because it seemed that he was doing better. He still had a cough that hung around, but the reality is…it wasn’t the Triminic that made him better, it was the cold just running it’s course. He still coughed and had a runny nose when he was on Triminic, but I kept giving it to him anyway because I thought it would help. When I think back on the other colds, I find similar outcomes. And the only medications that have helped were the prescriptions I’ve gotten from the pediatrician.

So, what are mom’s to do now that we don’t even have the “appearance” of something that makes our poor kids feel better? Here’s what I’ve done and found to be helpful:
1)Cool mist humidifiers work great.
2)Cracking a window, especially in the winter. It sounds counter-productive, but for “dry coughs” it’s the BEST remedy. AC/Heaters drain the rooms of moisture which can aggitate a cough. Putting fresh air/humidity back into the air and keeping the room cold actually helps! Try it!
3)Claritin also helps dry up a runny nose, even if it’s not just allergy related.
4)Vicks plug-ins help a bit for lots of congestion.
5)Saline and bulb the nose. Kids HATE this, but it really can help clear that little nose.

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