Oh NO She Didn’t!

I think I was harder on Max than I am on Kate. He was so obviously strong-willed and defiant, that I had to be on my game. We had a clear set of rules and a warning system in place by the time he was 22 months. First I would give him a warning and if he didn’t stop the behavior, then I counted to three. If I got to three, then he went to timeout. Kate’s discipline strategy has been somewhat different in that there hasn’t really been any strategy involved at all.

Miss Thang is currently terrible two-ing all over the place. In Target, Walgreens, Starbucks parking lots, home, other people’s homes etc….she is an equal opportunity terrorist. She’s screaming, throwing things, kicking, well, you get the general idea. The bizarre thing about it is that I am just kinda taking it. I have started to feel like I have PTSD with my toddler. Every time I hear that scream, I instinctively duck because I know she’s about to launch a foreign object in my general direction. Sheesh!

I would never have let Max act the way Kate’s been acting. Case in point, I tried to go to the gym this morning and she threw a whopper of a tantrum on the way in. I mean that diva plopped her size 24 month butt down in the parking lot, took off her shoe and threw it at an innocent passer by! Since that didn’t make as drastic of a statement as she desired(I believe she mistook my stunned immobility as a sign of apathy), she then sprawled out and smacked her head on the sidewalk to emphasize her point.

Well, after today’s incident I’ve decided enough is enough. Neither my time nor my workout schedule will be hijacked by a demanding diva toddler. I’m taking a stand and going back to the system that worked with Max. I’ll fill you in on the progress, but my mommy instinct tells me that Miss Thang is not going to take too kindly to imposing rules and regulations. I will either swim or sink…maybe she’ll be so kind as to throw a floatation device at my head if it’s the latter.

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