I Confess…

1) Sometimes I like to pinch my kids because they’re so freakin’ cute.

2) Sometimes I turn on Yo Gabba Gabbe two, maybe three times in a row if they’re both feelin it.

3) I think all babies should be fat…like REALLY fat.

4 ) A naked baby booty must be squeezed immediately, even if it’s not one of my kids’.

5) Sometimes my kids have chicken nuggets for dinner five nights in a row.

6) Sometimes I feel like hiding from them.

7) I love to watch them when they don’t know I’m watching…it’s usually a highlight of the day.

8) I thought I was a patient person until I had kids.

9) I sometimes tell other mothers I don’t let them watch Spongebob, but I do.

10) It’s crazy how two little beings can be so completely adorable yet outrageously frustrating at the same time.

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  1. Sarah (Warren) Rupert

    I love this one!!!

    #5–substitute “grilled cheese” in for “chicken nuggets” and I could have written that one…oh and put in “nutrigrain bars” for pretty much every breakfast. I am a loser mom, I swear. But toddlers. are. so. picky!!!!

    #2–I loathe, LOATHE Barney, and wish him to die a painful death every day–but he has saved my ass so many times I really should be donating money to PBS kids.

    #9 is me all the way…I am afraid to be judged over the stupidest stuff by other moms so better to just fib about it honestly (no pun intended)…

    #4–today it rained pretty much all day so when Chris got home from work in the evening, we stripped the kids nude & jumped all thru the puddles in the cul-de-sac…their tushies were pinched about 2700 times each, lol.

    #7–enough said.

    and #6–I’ve tried it. My son finds me every time. Damn it.

    Keep on blogging girl!! Like I said in that email a few weeks back, I love these blogs–they make me smile, laugh, and remember things my own kids did–and on days like today I really needed it. Love ya chica!!


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