If only being skinny was MY problem!

Not to belittle the whole “failure to thrive” thing, but honestly….if a doctor said that I was in the 20th percentile for weight and 40th percentile for height, I just might make out with her. Seriously. We spend the first years of our lives trying to gain weight and keep up with the average percentiles. We then proceed to spend the rest of our lives trying to LOSE weight and keep up with rail thin teenagers and actresses! Oh, the irony. Why am I saying all this? I took Kate in for her 9 month check-up and the pediatrician said she was too, “skinny.” She only gained .2 oz in three months and barely grew in height. It seems as if Miss Thang decided that growing was just too much to deal with and she went on hiatus…such a diva! Like I said, I don’t mean to make light of the fact that she didn’t grow, as evident by the mere fact that I marched home and proceeded to shove food down her throat! I just thought how interesting it was that being called skinny and petite is not such a good thing when we’re little, but TOTALLY acceptable when we’re older. I use to be considered skinny and petite…now I would give my left nut to be called skinny. That is, if I actually had nuts to sacrifice to the skinny gods.

Oh, and don’t you like the fact that on September 11th, the 7th anniversary of our nation’s most devastating terrorist attacks…I’m only concerned with being skinny? Typical.


  1. Aimee

    We had the same problem with Livi – she’s down to the 10th for everything but her head. Her head is the biggest part of her body. Now if only I could say that about myself!

  2. lisa

    I love your new blog layout. 🙂

  3. April

    ahhh, Dr. Scott; as mothers, we always have to remind ourselves that each child is different, and while 3 months seems like a lot to not grow much at all, your daughter is so dainty and she has changed proportions at least. Andrew didn’t gain any weight for more than a month but still grew once he got to crawling. And he’s steady off the top of both charts, equally, with his head 92 percentile…which of course, the doc is like “he’s equally off the chart.”

    As long as she’s eating normally and content in her days, with normal diapers, I wouldn’t be so concerned…other dainty babies exist! I LOVE holding Kate; she’s light as a feather and just beautiful!

  4. April

    correction: except with his head, which is at the 92nd perc… 🙂

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