Kate has invented a new sport

Max never messed with the childproofed areas around the house. He never tried to open cabinets or get into the toilet. He did attempt the occasional drawer, but, since he couldn’t get far, he’d just get frustrated and give up. That’s why we never even completely childproofed the drawers in the kitchen, he just didn’t care about them. I have even joked that half of the drawers are childproofed, except the knife drawer…you think I’m kidding? So, you can imagine my shock and complete bewilderment when I discovered Kate’s new pastime: removing the outlet covers! It started slowly, and I didn’t even know what was really going on. I caught her a few times with the plastic covers in her mouth and thought, “Ah. That must have been Ryan’s neglectful oversight,” and I would make a mental note to chastise him about the dangers of leaving electrical outlets exposed. But it started happening so often, I decided that even Ryan wouldn’t be that careless, so I decided to set her by an outlet and see if my suspicions were correct. So, I sat and watched a ten month old carefully and meticulously pry away the thin, plastic cover that separated her little body from about 15000 watts of pure shock. She has since made it her new sport…nay, her personal MISSION to search and destroy all outlet covers. The problem is, she is completely opposite from Max in terms of patience. I’m sure he tried to get the covers off, but gave up quickly and moved on to bigger and better dangers; like the stairs(man, that kid loved climbing stairs!). Kate, on the other hand, has the patience of a nun and the focus of a knife juggler. She also has freakishly long, bony fingers that enable her to get in between about a half millimeter of space to pry that sucker clean off. I’m a little out of my league on this one. I have tried saying “No!” in my assertive voice while I remove her from the dangerous situation, but she just laughs and keeps on prying. So I guess I’ll have to keep searching the internet for the perfect outlet cover, and keep fishing plastic covers out of her mouth until I find a better solution. ni0h'[ioj’klm;.,…she also likes to help me type:)


  1. Ryan

    yeah, we should probably find a new knife drawer.

  2. Stacy

    I wonder how many things that Kate does, you are going to blame Ryan and/or Max for first?
    Maybe that dexterity can be parlayed into a successful career as a brain surgeon. 🙂

  3. lisa

    “patience of a nun and the focus of a knife juggler” ha!! lol

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