Kate’s Gone Commando Style

They said it wouldn’t last. They said it was just a “phase,” and she would grow out of it. But, I’m pretty sure that Kate going “commando” is here to stay. What? No, no…I’m not talking about her not wearing a diaper. I’m talking about her crawling like a foot soldier in the trenches during the Tet Offensive. It’s actually kinda cute and I should post a video of her, but I get kinda creeped out when I think about putting my kids’ images on a public blog. But you get the idea. They use to say that army crawling was a sign of developmental delay. But she’s already pulling herself up to stand, cruising and, most importantly, deciding that it’s time to stop taking Max’s crap, and START fighting back. Or, at least, yell at him when he starts pushing her around. So “They” obviously never met my kid!

She started pretty early. Back when she was about 5 months old, I would be washing dishes or something(yes, we have a dishwasher yet I STILL get stuck hand washing. What is that?), and I’d her this little, baby grunting coming from the living room. I’d walk over, and there she was. Pulling herself along, dragging dead, lifeless legs behind her; all the while eyeballing Max’s matchbox car, and using every ounce of her willpower to reach it to get it in her mouth! It was quite a sight to behold….disturbing actually. I actually think that she just got tired of waiting on me to get her what she wanted. There it was. Staring at her. LAUGHING at her. The toy that she wanted but couldn’t have. I’m sure it was torture, but I admire the fact that she didn’t just lay around screaming for something. No, she used her feminine wiles and brute strength to get exactly what she wanted. A woman after my own heart.

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