Laughing Baby Video

Thought I’d share this video of a baby with a hilarious laugh:

Graco, Simplicity Crib Recalls

I saw this story two days ago and thought it should’ve had more coverage in the media. I can’t imagine how these parents feel and I’m shocked that it took this long to recall the cribs! I think it should only take ONE child being trapped between the rail and matress to constitute a recall…guess Graco and Simplicity just thought was an isolated incident.

Baby Drink Recall

Just saw this article about a baby food recall…

Mom Enterprises recalls baby product

San Francisco Business Times – 2:51 PM PDT Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mom Enterprises Inc., also known as Bliss by Mom, is recalling a drink meant to relieve infant colic.

The San Rafael company said its Apple Flavored Baby’s Bliss Gripewater may be contaminated with the parasite cryptosporidium, which can cause intestinal infections and diarrhea.

The Food and Drug Administration found the cryptosporidium contamination.

The product, coded 26952V 10/08, was sold nationally through stores and also online. The company has sold 17,600 bottles since November 2006.

Roshan Kaderali is CEO of Mom Enterprises.

Link to Story

Welcome to Blogger Mommy!

This is the first post of Blogger Mommy. I hope to share my views and stories about being a mom and that you will do the same.

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