Potty training the parents!

So, I’ve been complaining a lot in the past few months about my son’s unwillingness to potty train. I was reading a post on a stay at home mom’s website that was talking about potty training being mostly the parent’s choice to commit. It dawned on me, “How can I expect him to get it if I’m just sporadically taking him to the potty?” Up until that point I had been committing about 50% to taking him and teaching him. So, I decided that I would go balls to the wall(or balls to the potty!), and hardcore potty train! I put the potty in the family room(over a towel of course…I’m not an animal!), ditched the Pull-Ups and made him go every hour. We’re three days in and I can say that he’s doing very well. We even left the house yesterday and I resisted the overwhelming urge to slap a Pull-Up on him. He did have a small accident, but I was prepared and we just went about our day. He’s now at the point where i can say to him, “Show me how a big kid goes pee-pee” and he’ll strut over to the potty, drop trou, and pee. Yeah! Interesting how a bright, college educated woman could get so excited over a little pee and dry undies. Now, if he went #2 in the potty, I think I might just have an aneurysm.

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