Everything’s coming up daisies

For my son’s first Halloween, I dressed him like a little pony. For his second, he roared like a lion. This past Halloween he was an overstuffed, over-sugared dragon. However, this Halloween the cutsie, adorable, plush costumes are a thing of the past and he wants to be….Spiderman. Of course, it’s the outfit with the fake muscles, which cracks me up every year to see a little, scrawny 4 year old head flanked by a sea of padding and ripples, waiting eagerly at the door for the “good stuff.” And boy, do I hand out the premium, quality good stuff!! It was kinda sad when I realized that, from now on, I would be doing Pirates and Ninja’s and Batman. Yes, it was pretty depressing…..then I went to Babies R’Us. I was walking up the aisle when I saw it. The most adorable, sickening sweet costume I just HAD to stuff my 10 month old into! Just when I thought that no kid could possibly look as cute in a plush baby costume as Max did…..I saw it. A Daisy costume complete with pedals around the head and ladybugs on the stem(her body). The link isn’t the exact one, Kate’s has legs instead of bunting. But Oh. My. Gosh. I raced home and put it on her immediately. I am happy to report that my Halloween has been salvaged. She is so freakin’ cute I think I’m going to be sick….now I’ve gotta figure out how long I can ride THIS wave. Maybe a ladybug next year? A puppy? How bout a good ole’ pumpkin? I’ve already started counting down the Halloweens until I have to contend with the slutty cheerleader or vamp or whatever other revealing girls costumes they are marketing towards our pre-teens. But, for now, I’m just going to enjoy my muscled Spiderman and sweet, adorable Daisy….and take loads of pictures for blackmailing purposes when she tells me she’s wants to be this.


  1. Jenny (Roberts) McClain


  2. Jenny (Roberts) McClain

    Since we’re talking costumes, here’s my list for my 2 girls. I’ve decided I will be their costume designer. Until their 30. Why? Because I said so.

    Olivia, 1 yr old- a pig
    Mackenzie, 6 mos. old- Minnie Mouse
    Olivia, 2 yrs old- Winnie the Pooh
    Mackenzie, 1 yr old- Eeyore
    Olivia, 3 yrs old- Pink Care Bear
    Mackenzie, 2 yrs old- Purple care bear – Here’s their pic:


  3. Amanda

    Too Funny!!!! 🙂

  4. lisa

    awww I bet kate looks adorable! 🙂 how cute. funny stuff, too. I still wonder why Halloween is considered a valid excuse for all the good girls to dress like hos and witches while the bad girls get away with fairies and angels. ??

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