Vaccines aren’t the enemy…the diseases are!

Here’s yet another story about the high number of Measles being reported in the U.S. Why, oh why are so many parents rejecting these life saving vaccinations based on unsubstantiated theories and media hyped fears? This story is quick to point out that most cases of Measles have been reported in children who weren’t vaccinated. Why let your kid suffer and possibly put others at risk? Just recently there was a sign on our gym’s child center that a case of Pertussis(Whooping Cough) was reported in the center. I think sometimes you can do too much internet research and get all caught up in the misinformation floating around in cyberspace. If you want the facts…talk to your doctor instead of some woman named “Kelly mom” with no face or medical background.

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  1. April

    it’s interesting you said this, and I wondered why they didn’t give her MMR at her 2 year, even when I asked about it. SHe just said, “nope, just Hep A” and less than 2 months later, my child is filled with spots (however mild, no cough or congunctivitis to speak of, and barely scratching) and I’m still wondering why they didn’t even address it?! Now, poor AJ is likely to follow suit because he is, again, too young for a vaccine, and with all of KB’s sweet kisses for AJ, I doubt my immunity in him will withstand all that good lovin’…

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