Voulez-vou l’eau avec bubbles ou sans bubbles….

Okay, you’ll have to pardon my French…it’s been a VERY long time since I had to write or speak it, and even then I sucked pretty bad! I actually liked it in high school, but then I had this aweful professor in college that ruined it for me. He spoke French with an Albanian accent, so it sounded like a cross between French and German….where’s the romance in that? Plus, he was always droning on and on about how the French were bigots and racists towards the Albanians, and drove them out of the country, blah, blah, blah. It didn’t help that the class was from 7-9 pm on THURSDAY nights. Any fellow collegiates understand what that means? Yes, THURSDAY nights were the big nights to go out and par-tay! BUT, that is neither here nor there.
Emily…why IS this post titled “Voulez-vou l’eau avec bubbles ou sans bubbles,” you wonder? Well, roughly translated it means “Would you like the water with or without fizz.” I heard this a lot when I visited France a few years ago. In every restaurant we ate, that was the standard question when ordering water. Sooooo what do a French waiter, Emily and meal time at the Roberts houshold have in common? Easy. I feel like a freakin’ French waiter every time I go to serve my 1 year old daughter, who is now lovingly referred to as “Miss Diva Thang.” Don’t get me wrong. She is a fantastic eater, which is way more than I can say for Miggity Max Daddy…the only thing green he liked to eat were his boogies. HAHAHA! No, she’s picky about her drinks. There will be no apple juice or grape juice or even water in THIS house. Nooooo, that would be way too convenient and cost effective. Miss Diva Thang requires her drinks to be FLAVORED water; specifically, Gerber Fruit Splashers. And no, she will not drink it straight from the refrigerator….but she will require it to be warmed to perfection in the microwave. I’ve finally gotten the exact drink/time ratio down-five ounces of flavored water to 18 seconds makes it the perfect temperature for my little angel. Why oh why did I let it get this far? Because I’m a sucker that’s why…what else can I say? I’ve created a petite, particular little monster. However, she’s also a very persuasive little devil…she launched a full-blown drink strike a few months ago where she refused all juices. So, until the day comes where she can get her own drinks and warm them in her own microwave, I’ll just have to keep serving her the way she wants it done…”Avec arome de fruits mon petite princesse?”…..Oh, and she also has to have her food warmed to the perfect temperature as well, but that’s a post for another day:)

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