What’s in Ned’s Head?

Four words that I’m starting to dread…”Wanna play Ned’s Head?” My mom bought this game, “What’s in Ned’s Head” a few months ago and not a day has passed since that my 3 year old hasn’t played it! It’s actually a really gross game, you reach in the big, oversized cartoon head and pull out things like a dirty diaper, vomit, bird poop etc. Yeah. But, nonetheless, my son is completely sold on this game and plays it constantly, and anything that keeps his attention longer than 20 minutes is the most genius invention by my standards. The good part is that it’s quiet. When I’m trying to get the baby to sleep, I slyly suggest he go upstairs and play Ned’s Head while whispering quiet, like a mouse. He bounds off happily, squeaking like a mouse and deliriously excited to reach into a head and pull out a brain. He has spent hours pulling out the objects, laying them on their respective cards and lining them all up in sequence. Lately, he’s been pulling me upstairs to play with him, which was fun at first and made me feel like I was spending good, quality time with him….until about the 207th time I pulled out the stinky sock and I’m begging him to play something different! A puzzle? How about a game of Connect Four? Anyway, just thought I’d share this little gem I found incase there are others out there who need 30 minutes of peace and quiet from their pre-schooler!

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  1. Carolyn Rigney

    We bought Ned’s head the day after discovering it at your house…we play it everyday. Ian will not play it without me!!!! But we all have so much fun together…thanks for sharing it!

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