What’s on your nightstand?

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit of a furniture snob. So much so, that I haven’t even bought a formal dining table because, at this point, the one that I want is somewhere in the double digits, and, therefore, currently out of my grasp. That’s how much of a snob I am; I won’t buy just a “nice” dining table because it’s not good enough, so I’ll just wait until I can get what I want. Well, my nightstands were the same situation. I got them from Drexel a few years back and, let me just say, they are BEAUTIFUL. Quality wood, beautiful inlay, gorgeous detailing….just really nice pieces.

Before I had kids, my nightstand had ordinary and typical usage. It held various books, glasses, hairbands etc. Post kids is a very different story. I was cleaning up last night and noticed my nightstand(which I haven’t given much thought to in, oh say….4 years!). I looked at this beautiful piece of artistic craftsmanship and was suddenly appalled at my lack of respect for such beauty. Laying on the top was a very stinky, VERY dirty diaper from Miss Kate.

That got me thinking about how very different my life has become since having kids. My priorities have shifted so much, that I could not even remember the last time my nightstand had anything other than ‘mom’ crap. So I thought it would be funny to list the items my nightstand has either housed or held since having kids:

-Diapers, both unused and (cough) used.
-Breast pump
-Breast milk(yes….yuck)
-Breast shields
-Breast milk storage bags(unused and used….yuck again)
-Countless books about HOW to get your baby to SLEEP!
-Baby Blanket
-A sole children’s sock or shoe
-Sippy cups
-Various onsies and baby pants
-Countless books about HOW to get your toddler to OBEY!
-Fruit snacks and/or other individually wrapped snack foods.
-Boudreauxs Butt Cream

My nightstand and I have been through a lot….and I appreciate everything it’s done for me.

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